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Tasty Braaaf

Braaaf is a unique brand. Clear, distinct packaging, exclusive top quality products, always a healthy and sensible choice, more hygienic and tastier. By choosing Braaaf, you get rawhides, bones and healthy rewards which your dog loves to sink his teeth into. That’s why our logo is a happy dog wagging its tail!

For every dog
Braaaf has an extensive range of products, so there is definitely something tasty in our assortment for your dog. Braaaf offers rawhide products, animal by-products, a line of hypoallergenic products and 100% Seafood products. It’s you the owner, however, who decides which to choose; not the dog. So it is important to understand your dog’s character, identify his needs and what he can eat.



A dog with sensitive intestines, a dull coat or just one that appreciates the finer things in life. Braaaf offers the first rawhides made from 100% fish! This unique product is suitable for all dogs with an allergy and consequently, has been enthusiastically received by many vets. The number of dogs with an allergy (beef, pork or grains) has increased significantly over the past few years, but these dogs also need to chew and deserve a treat from time to time. The Braaaf Seafood product line is the perfect solution for this. For dogs in general, you will notice that there is a preference for Seafood products. Try it yourself!

Our assortment includes:

• 100% pressed salmon skin 12.5cm;
• 100% pressed salmon skin 20cm;
• 100% Salmon blocks;
• 100% Salmon strips;
• 100% Fish strips;
• 100% Salmon Roll;

100% air dried wild Alaskan salmon with just 3.8% fat, essential omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. With no artificial colour or flavouring. Not just a pleasure to chew, this product also helps keep the teeth clean!

The best rawhide

You can spot a cleaner and therefore healthier skin with less waste products by looking at its color. Furthermore, you will recognize the best quality rawhide by the super Braaaf logo on it. That’s how you find the following fresh and hygienically packed products at your pet shop:

• pressed sticks in different sizes;
• pressed bones and knotted bones;
• rawhide with chicken and duck;
• and unique rawhide braid.


Why does Braaaf also offer different fillings and flavours? This is to ensure that your dog enjoys chewing a product that is good for him. Chewing is good for a dog and by chewing Braaaf, he is being a good dog.


From the butcher

Braaaf products from the butcher are hygienic packed en are largerly chosen for the composition:

• cow bones, calf legs;
• buffalo ears and beef tendons;
• duck wings, goose necks and chicken legs;
• cow lungs, cow ears, pig ears.

Whatever you want for your dog…if you want to know for sure that it is quality and healthy, you will find Braaaf on the package. Take a look on the shelves at your local pet shop. Why or when do I choose for a by-product and not for rawhide?

Other products

The guideline for choosing the rewards and rawhides for your dog is to make sure that they match the food you give him. If your dog is allergic to beef, then don’t give him any snacks or bones that come from a cow. The same applies, of course, for pork and starch allergies.

So if your dog eats hypoallergenic food because he has an allergic reaction such as losing his hair, then give him similar snack products. You can do this easily by choosing from the range of Braaaf products.


Urine Off

Urine Off is the ultimate weapon against urinary tracts and annoying urine fragrances of all types of pets. Big or small. With the handy ‘Urine Finder’ light you can easily detect the source of unwanted odors. Stains and odors won’t stand a chance if you choose Urine Off; The most effective product for removing urine stains and odors.

• Urine Off removes urine odors and stains.
• Eliminates territorial urinating.
• Perfect for cats.
• Ideal for puppies and senior dogs.
• Perfect for older pets with bladder problems.
• Ideal for small, loose pets.
• Ideal for use in kennels and pet stores.