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IFS Certificate

How do you recognize high quality chew and reward products?

Animal lovers know like no other that the moment to treat your dog with a snack is one of the highlights of his or her day. Your furry companion quickly eats his treat and the owner thinks “If Max devours  his treat so fast, it must be healthy as well!”. Unfortunately, this is not always the case…

Are all reward products qualitatively good?

For many animal shops, it is very obvious that everything they can buy from the wholesaler or supplier is also really good. Retailers are often only interested in cheap products or only looking at the margin.

Why choose quality?

Many owners acknowledge the role of good food and do their best to ensure that their dog’s food meets their diet requirements. As carefully as they are when buying food, they are careless when buying a chew or reward product. This is because petshop owners know a lot about food, but when it comes to dog snacks, they are not well-educated. A bad reward may contain grains or poor quality buffalo skin on the inside or outside. In addition, as opposed to buying food, the ingredients of rewards are often overlooked while they can contain gluten and other ingredients which may cause an allergic reaction.

Recognize quality by the IFS Certificate

We understand that most petshops do not have the time to study all products in detail. That is why Braaaf has obtained the IFS Broker certificate. This shows that products from the manufacturer are verified and produced by certified companies, ensuring you’ll always buy the highest quality. Are you a retailer who’s looking to step up his game? Let us know!