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Braaaf – That’s Why

You have a sweet, fun, spirited, active, devoted, adventurous, relaxed dog and naturally you look after him properly. Going for walks outside, playing games, good food and every now and then a treat such as a bone or a new rawhide. But:

All dogs have

to chew

Every dog chews. It’s in their nature. A dog needs to chew vigorously for twenty to thirty minutes every day. You, as owner, don’t want your faithful four-footed friend destroying your house, chewing and gnawing on all your furniture and possessions. That’s why you give him something to chew.

Good for the teeth

and breath

Braaaf products don’t only ensure that your dog feels better and is calmer. A good rawhide reduces the chances of bad breath or even stops it altogether. Gnawing on a rawhide is necessary for keeping the teeth and gums in good shape. Chewing daily prevents or reduces the chances of plaque building up which will have to be removed at the vet, with your dog under anesthesia.

Chewing prevents


Dogs that can chew regularly on a healthy and quality product, are less prone to becoming overweight. Chewing also helps by improving and speeding up your dog’s metabolism.

Not all products

are Braaaf

The quality of a tasty reward or a solid rawhide is just as important as the quality of your dog’s food. Not all products are equally good for your dog. Braaaf, however, offers you a wide choice of many different treats and rawhides which are delicious, healthy and top quality. If Braaaf is on the packet, you know for sure that it’s good.