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That’s Braaaf

Braaaf is young, energetic, innovative, adventurous, get stuck in and let’s go for it. Braaaf is and remains, of course, a faithful buddy. Healthy, responsible and top quality.

Guaranteed quality and delicious
Braaaf was set up founded on our love for dogs and to address the demand from owners for good advice. There are still many owners who do not know that chewing is good for a dog. They consider it unhygienic or dangerous. Or they do not know the benefits. They receive inadequate advice about the differences between the products. Braaaf’s aim is to ensure that all owners can easily select a product which is good for their dog, is tasty and guaranteed top quality.

Distinct packaging
If Braaaf is on the packaging, you know that inside there is something delicious and good for your faithful four-footed friend. Braaaf stands out. With its striking green and purple or light brown striped packaging, or the blue Seafood packaging you can easily spot the top quality Braaaf products on the shelves. If you can’t find Braaaf at your local pet shop, then ask at the counter for it!

A present for your dog
Because of its special packaging, giving your dog Braaaf is like giving him a present. Dogs are really pleased with this gift, but it is not just an extra treat, tidbit or a tasty reward. It is a valuable supplement to the good food that you already give him. There are different types, flavours and hypoallergenic varieties of Braaaf. Thanks to Braaaf, you can now easily recognise quality.